The Land

[Mustard Field from HOB Patio]  [Mustard Path & Clouds][Oranges]

In 1947, Brandeis Camp Institute purchased 2,200 acres of land in the foothills of the Santa Susana Mountains outside Santa Susana (now Simi Valley) California. To Dr. Bardin, the rolling hills on the property were reminiscent of the Judean Hills outside of Jerusalem.

[Red Barn] [Cows on High Road] [Log & Mustard]

By 1950, all camp operations were consolidated into the Southern California location in order to channel all efforts into a single, year-round location.

[Meier Creek & HOB #3] [Upper Road Lake]
In 1961, Brandeis, California, became a community in itself, with its own post office and zip code, the address being “Brandeis, California 93064.”
[White Cows on Western Property] [Western Property #1] [Johnny’s Barn]

Impressed and inspired by Dr. Bardin’s vision and educational philosophy, neighbor James Arness (star of “Gunsmoke,” one of the longest running cowboy westerns in early television history) gifted his entire ranch to the Institute.

[Flowering Tree #5] [Orange Cactus Flowers] [PC 290127]

The name of the Institute was changed to “The Brandeis-Bardin Institute” in August 1977, to honor the memory of its founder, Dr. Shlomo Bardin.